Dinh Bá Nguyen was born in Saïgon, Vietnam in 1975. He moved to Montreal at the age of eight, at which time his taste for fashion and the arts, as well as his gift for drawing, really took off. He fuelled his passion while honing his skills alongside his mother, a seamstress by profession, which eventually led him to study fashion design at LaSalle College. 

Over the course of his studies, he represented Canada at the prestigious Concours international des jeunes créateurs in Paris, where he was a finalist no less than three times for the Excellence Mode Jeune Designer award. 

As a result of this incredible experience amid leading industry talents, Dinh Bá had the golden opportunity to associate with Lino Catalano (among others) and to begin his career at Mackage, all of which impelled him to carve his name among the greats in Quebec fashion.

He launched his own label in 2004 with designs intended for the confident, modern woman who isn’t afraid to assert her style. His collections are essentially underlined by a unique perspective of women, a vision that embraces fluid lines and clever cuts. Entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec, his designs stand out for their impeccable mix of comfortable, low-maintenance stretch fabrics. Whether in sombre or flamboyant shades, the chosen fabrics are always enhanced by the agile fingers of the designer himself, for that special touch of exotic flair.
Dinh Bá breathes new life into his clients’ wardrobes with new pieces and new colours. In fact, his roots, his background, his travels and his day-to-day all make for a line that is an intricate combination of inspirations that extend from Vietnam and Asia to North America. 

Ten years later, Dinh Bá Design has launched some twenty collections and outfits men as wonderfully as women. Thanks to eighty retail outlets across Canada and his own boutique located at 1455 Amherst Street in Montreal, Dinh Bá enjoys direct contact with his clientele, which allows him to keep his finger on the pulse of their tastes and needs. 

With distribution across North-America and Europe in the works, his superior quality collections are always met with great success, with each one standing out and amazing his clientele season after season.